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Whether you book once a year or every month, we are proud when you come back. We want to offer you an unforgettable experience each time. That is why we have come up with Apollo Rewards, an online reservation and loyalty programme with various types of membership.  What can you save for? From gift sets to a luxury Apollo Bed, and from gift cards to overnight stays. 

There is always a membership that is perfect for you

Apollo Rewards offers three types of membership. You will receive the membership that is best suited to you. 

Apollo Ambassador Your company reserves hotel rooms and/or meeting rooms at our hotel. You prefer to reserve directly with us, instead of online. Make a reservation with a standard discount on meeting packages or room hire and save for points. 

Apollo Insider: your company has a fixed price agreement, or a contract with us. Using the company-specific booking code, you book online at the agreed rate and you will also save for points. 

Apollo Traveller: Your company reserves hotel rooms and/or meeting rooms throughout the Netherlands, but not often enough to always receive the best discount. Save yourself administrative work and benefit from competitive discounts! You reserve directly online, receive a standard discount, plus you can save for points. 

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Good idea! Enter your details here. Within 5 business days, you will receive a confirmation from your own contact person, with the free membership best suited to you.

Reserve online

Rooms: depending on the membership that you have, reserve your room online with a discount. 

Meeting rooms: ask for a quotation through our website. We will contact you as soon as possible. The quotations will be created in consultation to you and will be specific to your requirements. We can promise you one thing, in every quotation we will offer you the most competitive rates available at that time. 

Save for points independently, in your way

Exactly how does it work, saving for points? Simple. If you stay, meet or organise an event at our hotels, you will save one Apollo Rewards point for every €100.00 that you spend. Enter the points yourself and keep track of your balance on your personal page. You will immediately see how many points you need for your favourite gift.

Choose your gift from the Apollo Rewards Webshop

Once you have collected enough points, brilliant. You can redeem your points when you want to from the Apollo Rewards Webshop: take your pick! From gift sets to a luxury Apollo Bed, and from gift cards to overnight stays. One thing is certain: you will always find a lovely gift for yourself. If you are unable to keep the points yourself, make a nice gesture and gift them to a charitable cause.

Tell a colleague

You are a member of Apollo Rewards. Good news for you, for us and for your colleagues who also reserve hotel rooms or meeting rooms. Through 'Tell a Colleague' invite them to have an Apollo Rewards membership. This will benefit you, too, as we reward every approved application with a point.

My account

Have you moved house or do you have a new email address? No problem at all. At My account you can easily view and change your details. To keep things transparent, My account comprises a personal and a company profile. That's useful, isn't it?

My contact person

Someone who knows you personally and who can help you to deliberate, that makes it easier to talk. You have your own contact person for all of your questions. Fast, easy and reliable.

Benefits of Apollo Rewards